Burgundy Hideaways
Burgundy Hideaways 

Burgundy and the Côte d'Or



Not far away from the three Burgundy Hideaway properties are some wonderful, world famous places to visit. The historic city of Dijon, just 45 minutes drive away, awaits you to explore its hidden streets, beautiful squares and marvel at the amazing covered market designed by Gustav Eiffel (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday morning).  Naturally, there is an abundance of fabulous restaurants, wine bars and shops to sample along with the historic Owls trail to follow.  Check in at the local tourist office for all the information.



Undercovered Market building designed by Gustav Eiffel
Pl. Francoise Rude. Dijon



The town of Beaune and its neighbouring vinyards, just over an hours drive away, is credited with producing some of the best red and white wines in the world.  This world known town is well worth a visit during your time in Burgundy.  The Hotel-Dieu, dating back to 1443, built by Nicolas Rolin as a hospital for the poor, is one of the finest examples of 15th century French architecture, is also a must see. The old town is lined with many restaurants, cafes and beautiful shops to explore.



Hotel-Dieu, Beaune
Vinyards of Beaune



Further afield

Vezelay, a town on the 'Pilgrims' Route' is dominated by its impressive Basilica. Chablis, has a wonderful busy Sunday market, and don't forget to stop for a glass of its famed crisp, white wine. Continue to the city of Auxerre, its shops and restaurants and unique skyline punctuated by the cathedrals and churches await you.



Vezelay Basilica



Chablis shops



Auxerre on the river Yonne



Closer to home

Within 15 minutes drive of The Barn and La Petite Maison is the beautiful Flavigny-sur-Ozerain. Another hill top beauty, this medieval walled village was the backdrop for the film 'Chocolat' starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche.  In addition to it's Hollywood fame, call in at the Anis de Flavigny sweet shop.  Here you can buy Les bonbons d'anis, hand made in the local factory. The Roman ruins at Alesia and its new visitor centre are worth a detour if archeology and Roman history interest you. The Château of Bussy-Rabutin, developed from a 12th century chateau and rebuilt in the 14th century in the rennaisance style is close by, along with the picturesque medieval cobbled streets of Semur-en-Auxois. Not to be missed is the Abbaye at Fontenay founded by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux in 1118, and built in the Romanesque style. It is one of the oldest and most complete Cistercian abbeys in Europe, and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.  The area is rich with heritige and no matter where your interests lie there will be something for you.  In addition, you could stumble upon any number of local festivities, such as summer fêtes, village flea markets, musical soirees, etc depending on when you visit.  Checking in with the local tourist office ensures you are up to date with the local events during your stay.

Abbaye de Fontenay
Cloisters at Fontenay
Hilltop Flavigny-sur-Ozrain
Pretty hilltop Flavigny
Renaissance Chateau de Bussy-Rabutin



For the young at heart, there is a fabulous swimming pool complex in Montbard. Teens and adrenalin junkies will love Nigloland theme park.  The Parc d'Auxois wildlife zoo and adventure park, is perfect for young children and toddlers. There is also a new 'acrobranche' tree climbing experience near to Semur en Auxois.  It is easy and convienient to hire bicycles and explore the country lanes and the Canal de Bourgogne.  Hop on the tourist boat that leaves from Pouilly-en-Auxois and experience the locks and tunnel of the beautiful Canal.  Or enjoy horseriding at the stables just 5 minutes away from the two properties.



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